“The main advice I would give to people wanting to buy an Auckland house is that instead of thinking how to save money, concentrate on how to earn more money. Banking economists are saying young people need to harden up and save more in their personal life and forgo luxuries.

“I don’t agree with the statement that millennials need to stop drinking coffee and not enjoy their lives. It won’t help them start on the property ladder. They need to concentrate on earning more money, maybe getting a second job, doing a side business on the weekends. Do something that requires more work from them. That’s the way to get more money. You’re not going to get on the property ladder saving money these days. Now, you need to earn more.
“Get a better education, invest in yourself, find like-minded people who have more experience than you do. You have to educate yourself, going to different seminars, join different groups online and offline and reading books.”
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