1. Site Quote

If you are feeling assured in your requirements an obligation free quote will be scheduled by our administrator. If your property happens to be outside this area, then an in-office quote can help us in providing a more productive conversation.

2. Proposal Presented

A proposal is then provided in 24/ 48 hours after the initial site visit, which includes a price and timeframe constructed to fit the requirements of the project

3. Proposal Accepted

Afterward, the business manager will contact you and any supplementary information you may have such as previous plans will need to be provided.

4. Site Measure

Next will be our architectural design team assembling on site for a prompt initial measure.

5. As Built

The team at Measure and Draw Ltd are experienced with laser measuring on-site for existing homes and documenting for the purpose of creating accurate as-builts. As-builts are the initial stage for the design process and comprise of an existing site and drainage plans, floor plans, elevations, foundations, and a roof plan. This is a must for existing homes and the amount of information captured is dependent on what is being removed, added or modified. Our team act in a professional and efficient manner at all times. We also complete as-builts for many leading Architecture Firms throughout Auckland.

6. Concept Stage

At Measure and Draw, we take our clients’ ideas and opinions into the design process, while giving direction as to what the best possible outcome can be for their aspirations. Our team is effective and efficient in communicating your ideas onto paper and into reality. The more decisive a client is on their concepts, the faster the process of submitting work into council becomes. Whether it is an extension to an existing home, or addition of a minor unit, or the reconfiguring of internal spaces, our team can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to achieve your ultimate outcome.

7. Resource Consent

Our company oversees many projects and are equipped to determine whether a Resource Consent is required. Resource consents are needed when your home infringes upon a planning rule that is related to the zone your house is in most commonly Built Heritage and Character as many of our projects are based around Herne Bay, Ponsonby, Parnell, and Mount Eden. The four main zones are Single House Zone, Mixed Housing Suburban Zone, Mixed Housing Urban Zone, and Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings Zone. The most common infringements occur with height in relation to boundary controls, building coverage, yard setbacks, outlook spaces, and impermeable area.

8. External Specialists

The completed plans will be sent to an external specialist who will be selected by you to fit the style and needs of your request, then a draughtsman will make amendments accordingly to get signed off approval.

9. Lodgement of Building Consent

Building Consent must be acquired to then ensure that the plans will meet the requirements of the Building Code when carried out.

10. Consent Released From Council

The council finally notifies Measure and Draw regarding the release of plans. you will be advised of this and can collect plans from the council.

The council consent process for any project follows through numbers of stages of varying time lengths depending on project to project. Starting from initial consultation, every project goes through multiple changes and iterations before it is completed. Below is an info-graphic which explains the complete process.