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Measure and Draw were initially established in 2006, primarily focusing on being a technical draughting firm during its first years. Since its inception, it evolved to have its services to focus on full resource/ building consent design in order to develop alongside the ever-growing Auckland market.

Whether it may be a residential alteration or a new build, retail or a commercial consent, once you feel prepared to commence with your proposal, we are here to lead you through our tailored process, simplifying each step towards your specifications and helping maximize your property’s value and its utility in accordance to you.


The team at Measure and Draw Draughting Auckland are experienced architectural designers and firstly will perform laser measuring on-site for existing homes and commercial buildings for the purpose of creating accurate as-built house plans. These as-built house plans are the initial stage for your home design process for home additions, renovations and extensions, and comprise of existing site and drainage plans, floor plans, elevations, foundation and a roof plan. This is a must for existing homes. The amount of information captured is dependent on the renovation or alteration. Our team act in a professional and efficient manner at all times. We also complete as-built architectural plans for many leading Architecture Firms throughout Auckland.


At Measure and Draw Draughting, our draftspeople draft our clients’ design and opinions into our architectural design process, while giving direction as to what the best possible outcome can be for their architectural design aspirations. Our team is effective and efficient in communicating your architectural ideas onto paper and into reality. The more decisive a client is on their architectural design concepts, the faster the process of submitting fully working house plans for renovations or alterations into council is. Whether it is an extension to an existing home of a bedroom, bathroom, ensuite, or addition of a minor unit, or garage conversion, or the reconfiguration of kitchen/living/dining, or an ensuite and walk-in-wardrobe for a master bedroom, our team can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to achieve your ultimate outcome.


Our drafting company oversees many projects and are equipped to determine whether a Resource Consent is required for an extension, renovation or alteration of your home. Resource consents are needed when your home design infringes upon a planning rule that is related to the zone your house is in; most commonly Built Heritage and Character as many of our projects are based around Herne Bay, Ponsonby, Parnell and Mount Eden in Auckland. The four main zones are Single House Zone, Mixed Housing Suburban Zone, Mixed Housing Urban Zone and Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings Zone. The most common infringements occur with height in relation to boundary controls, building coverage, yard setbacks, outlook spaces and impermeable area.


The majority of projects will ultimately require a Building Consent. At Measure and Draw we provide efficiency and effective collaboration with a variety of external specialists (Engineers, Independent Inspectors, Planners, and Surveyors etc) in the detailing stage of an architectural design project. We have a rigorous peer review process of your home design in house where every building consent is thoroughly looked over by our Licensed Building Practitioners in-house and they help determine the best design solution for custom details, taking into consideration the buildability of the construction detail. Our timeframe for building consents to be submitted into council varies depending on the intensity of the architectural design project.